My family and I want to live off base. Are there any Jacksonville apartments that are family friendly?

Finding an off base Jacksonville apartment can be tricky if you don’t know what neighborhoods to consider and what amenities will make you and your family feel at home. Luckily, Rent Jax has a neighborhood guide and search tools to ensure that you find the perfect Jacksonville apartment to call your new home.

Picking the right neighborhood is the first step in finding the right apartment in Jacksonville for you and your family. There are several areas in Jacksonville that are ideal for raising families. Mandarin is a short commute from downtown Jacksonville as well as the military base. Many families call this area home because of the short commute. Orange Park and Flemming Island are suburbs of Jacksonville and are primarily located in Clay County. Apartments in this area are located in a school district that has received some exemplary marks. Riverside apartments are known for their vast amount of space, which can be a top priority when searching for an apartment in Jacksonville. Springfrield is another great Jacksonville families can settle into. Many large mansions have been renovated and turned into large family style apartments.

There are certain apartment community features and amenities that can make your family as comfortable as possible in their new home in Jacksonville. First on your list might be space. Making sure everyone in the family has enough of their own personal space can really make a big difference in the quality of life. Nobody likes to live on top of one another. Another community features that can keep the family happy in your new Jacksonville apartment are things like playgrounds, pools and basketball courts. This can be a life saver when you’re short on things to keep the kidos entertained. In addition, these features can keep your family outside and active, which can be a challenge at times. Some Jacksonville apartments offer a recreation room to their residents. Games like pool and darts can keep everyone entertained during the rainy seasons in Florida. Safety is always a concern parents have. However, there are plenty of apartments in Jacksonville that can make you feel safe at home. Many apartments in Jacksonville are a part of a gated community. This means that only residents and guests of residents are offered access into the apartment complex. Another safety feature that Jacksonville apartment communities offer is a on-site security guard. Nothing deters an intruder like a person in uniform!

Now you can be on your way to finding your new apartment for your family to call home. The first step is to visit our neighborhood guide and decide which neighborhoods you are most interested in. If you have the opportunity, you should try and check these neighborhoods out in person. Once you’ve picked the area of Jacksonville you would like to live in, you can search for apartment communities in that area by using our search tools.

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