I'm new to the area and am looking for a place to live. I don’t want to live in an older community. How do I find a newer place?

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North Beach on Kernan
You'll feel the comfort of the apartment community at North Beach at Kernan.

Apartments in Jacksonville come in a variety of models, sizes and areas. This city has plenty of inventory in stock when it comes to looking for a new area to call your home. This makes your apartment hunt an easy task! In actuality, most living units are newly built due to the expansion and growth of the city. If you prefer to live in a newly built of newer model community, all you have to do is use our search guides to find exactly what you are looking for! New communities in Jacksonville are built throughout the city. Start by selecting an area on our map that you are interested in. Downtown or near the college area ay be a good place to start. Once you select an area, a list of possible apartment building will appear for you to choose from. You can then narrow down your search by selecting other preferences you may have such as amenities, pet policies and lease terms. You can click on each community that appears under your search to check to see if it meets your criteria! Our search tools can help make finding your new living space as easy as just a few clicks.

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