Where do all the new students live?

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North Beach on Kernan
North Beach on Kernan is close to UNF and near the beach.

Are you searching for UNF apartments? UNF apartments in Jacksonville are located in one of the state's largest cities. Although many students living throughout the town, many new students tend to take up residents near the Atlantic Ocean.

Although UNF is more known as a commuter school, there are plenty of student apartments located near campus. In fact, there is so much residential housing areas spread throughout town that it is often difficult to determine just one that is solely populated by new students attending the college. However, a fair amount of new students and alumni do prefer to live near the beach.

Unlike many beach towns, Jacksonville has an array of different living options. Many UNF apartments located near the water are actually quite affordable and newly built. This is due in part of the school's recently increased student population. Additionally, the beach makes for a great entertainment destination for college students.

There is plenty to do near the water. Aside from lounging in the sun, many collegiate take up water sports as hobbys. These include surfing, fishing, and even paddle boarding. At night, the laid back atmosphere becomes quite lively. There are several local pubs that attract many college aged residents.

However, it is important to note that this part of town is a fifteen minute drive to campus, and public transportation may not be a strong in this specific area. Therefore, if you do not mind driving to class a few days a week, living in UNF apartments near the beach may be a viable solution. That said, however, if you are moving to the area without a vehicle, this might not be the best option.

If you are hoping to be within walking distance to class, there is a strong student population just near the school.  Although this may not be considered a designated student area, there are plenty of residents who are attending the academic institution. Another downside may be that the nightly entertainment is not as lively as it is in other parts of town, but there are still many of things to do near this region throughout the day and night.

In general, UNF is known as a commuter school. As a result, many students live throughout the large city of Jacksonville. However, many students prefer to live near the Atlantic Beach due to the towns affordable housing, great nightlife, and entertainment. Alternatively, some students prefer to live closer to campus, taking up space in the residential neighborhoods surrounding the university.

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