What part of Jacksonville should I look at if I want to live off of base?

Military housing comes by the dozen in Jacksonville. Being recognized as the largest military presence in the country, one can expect for such a commuter city to be accommodating to its large military population.

The military economy continues to grow throughout the city of Jacksonville. After all, Jacksonville is named after Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of Florida. In fact, there are nearly 50,000 military personnel in the region, most in which find base housing perfectly suitable to their daily needs. Jacksonville's mild climate, lively location and affordable living create a high quality of life within the city's friendly environment.

The demand for the military housing momentum continues to boost the city's recreational activities and drives its diverse culture. Whether you decide to live on or off of the base, there is sure to be a perfect military home for you and your family.

If you hope to live a distance from any of the local bases, there are several popular parts of the town where most of the residents live. The first is downtown. Downtown's infrastructure has rapidly been expanding. Here, you can experience the urbanization of the city, enjoying high-rise buildings, a myriad of great restaurants, and an active nightlife environment. Although many of the military housing in this area may be more expensive than most other districts with Jacksonville, most things are within walking distance from your apartment. Additionally, public transportation is a quick and easy task, making commuting to and from home a breeze.

Downtown also spoils their residents with the Riverwalk, a 1.2 mile boardwalk located on the bank of St. Johns River. This boardwalk hosts restaurants, bars, shops and other forms of entertainment. A young population resides in this area, with a median age of 34.

The other well-known residential location in Duval County is near Jacksonville Beach. The region benefits from easy commutes between nearby cities, sharing the ever-expanding metropolitan area. Aside from enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, there is plenty to offer a resident in this area. First, housing tends to be quite affordable in this area, providing a variety of floor plans and housing options to tenants. Secondly, there is many recreational sites nearby such as Pablo Historical Park, Sea Walk Pavilion, World Golf Village and Kennedy Space Center. Yes, this awesome shoreline neighborhood is more laid back then other competing areas, however, there are plenty of things to do seaside to keep you entertained.  The beach area also enjoy a night life, becoming even more popular when the sun sets. There are many bars and restaurants within walking distance to Atlantic and Jacksonville Beach.

With constant sunshine, great beaches, and an enriching night life, Jacksonville is easily called home to thousands. The culture is made up of families, military men and women, students and business professionals. Jacksonville is one of the largest city's in the Nation and is still undergoing expansion plans to help continue its striving economic growth. Many new residents to the area find Downtown and the coastal area to be great starting points when moving into their first home in the city.

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