Are there any apartments that tailor to “green” lifestyles?

More and more people today are becoming conscious of their behaviors and how they impact the planet. Known as the “environmental movement,” this effort encourages people to live more sustainable, conservative and eco-friendly lifestyles. Simple things like recycling and reducing energy use can greatly benefit the environment.

Looking for an apartment to match your green lifestyle? Look no further! RentJax features several apartments that support green, eco-friendly living. Use the prefiltering tools on the apartment search page to find the community that best matches your eco-friendly needs. Simply locate the Advanced Filters tab and click “Green Efforts.” From there, you can choose to search for apartments that recycle, use low energy lighting or even provide community gardens!

The top four green Jacksonville apartments are Glenwood Apartments, Coventry Park, Thornton Park and The Strand.


Recycling is a key part of living green. It reduces waste by taking old materials that you would normally throw away and turning them into new products. In turn, recycling reduces the consumption of raw materials, lessens pollution and lowers greenhouse gas emissions from production. All four apartments offer recycling programs for paper, glass and glass products.


Another simple way to live green is through use of low-energy products. Coventry Park and Thornton Park also make use of low energy lighting in their apartments. Not only are low energy products good for the environment, but they are good for your wallet too! Recent studies have shown that switching to eco-friendly, low energy products can dramatically reduce electric/utilities bills.


Gardening is more than a hobby or relaxing pastime- it is also good for the planet. Residents of Glenwood Apartments can grow their own veggies in the community garden. Just imagine how much more satisfying that salad or sandwich wrap will be, knowing the tasty ingredients inside are homegrown!

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