Is there a good military housing area for my family if I don't want to live on base?

Jacksonville is such a big city, finding the best location for you and your family can be overwhelming.  Jacksonville has more than 500 neighborhoods to choose from.  With this many neighborhoods, finding the perfect military housing might be overwhelming.  Finding off base military housing in Jacksonville to meet your needs can be easy if you have a list of what you need in an apartment before you start your search.

Since you are looking for off base military housing, then you will more than likely want to find an apartment in Jacksonville that is within close proximity to the military base.  An easy way to narrow down your search is to use our military housing link on the home page.  By choosing this link, the site will automatically narrow down your apartment options to those in neighborhoods close to the military base.  

 NAS Jacksonville military base is located just north of Orange Park near the Ortega area.  Many current and ex-military live in this area.  Orange Park offers many opportunities for everyone in your family.  Orange Park has a mall, several movie theaters, lots of restaurant choices, and great shopping.  There are also smaller neighborhoods not far from NAS Jacksonville, such as Ortega, that offer a quieter lifestyle, with shopping and dining a short distance from everything.   Orange Park is also home to a number of highly rated Clay County schools.  Finding military housing in this area of Jacksonville will be a good choice for you or your family.

Mayport military base is located not far from the Jacksonville beaches.  This area is considered part of the Southside neighborhood.  Jacksonville Intracoastal areas stretch south of Arlington and east of Kernan Blvd.  You will also be close to great shopping and dining.  Finding fun things to do in the area will not be a problem.  You can visit Hanna State Park, Fort George State Park, and many other fun locations.  If you enjoy the beaches, then finding military housing in this Jacksonville area will be easy.  There are many great housing options that offer beach access.  Military housing options in this area are located on Kernan, Hodges, San Pablo, and along A1A.  Off base military housing will be a good choice in this area of town.

One thing to keep in mind when locating military housing in Jacksonville will be travel.  Some areas of Jacksonville tend to be heavy on traffic, especially during peak times of commuting.  Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA) offers transportation all over Jacksonville and the surrounding neighborhoods.  One thing to remember is that public bus travel can be unreliable at times so make sure you plan accordingly and leave in enough time so you aren't late.  You will want to keep this in mind when choosing the neighborhood to find off base military housing.

Using the search options at has a lot to offer.  Our search functions allow you to search for military housing by price, size, number of bedrooms, location, and lots of amenities.  You can also make your search as broad or as specific as you like to narrow down your choices.  Finding military housing using our site will make your job easy and less stressful.

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