Are there any gated apartments near base?

Are you searching for military housing with a gated entrance? There are plenty of apartments near base that come with a gated entrance.

If you are relocating to a new city, you may prefer to live in military housing surrounded by an enclosed gated entrance. Having a gated entrance can be beneficial for several reasons. First, for those new to the community, living in gated apartments near base can allow one to feel as though they are living in a more secluded environment. Allowing only residents to enter through a closed gate can also help keep traffic to a minimum.  As a result, parking may also be less of a nuisance, as only residents will be parking inside of the gated community.

However, there are a few drawbacks to living in such type of properties. Many times, tenants often complain about the difficulties their visitors may have in obtaining entrance. Secondly, if you forget your gate key, be prepared to wait until the next car in line can open the fence for you.

If these cons are outweighed by the pros, living in a gated community may be right up your alley. Now, how do you find such communities?

Jacksonville is such a large city and finding a specific property just near the military base may seem like a daunting task at first glance. However, there are plenty of military housing properties that provide their residents with top of the line amenities such as a security fence. Whatever your preference may be when it comes to living in a guarded property, can help you discover the perfect new home.

Determining which base you will be working near, either the US Army Rention or the US Naval Air Station, will definitely help you narrow down your search for the perfect new home.  If you are expecting to be located near the Army Retention base or the Air Station, you may want to begin your hunt looking for units in or near Orange Park. Both of these bases are located just outside of this neighborhood.

Once you have discovered which new base you will call home, you can begin your search. All you have to do is click "Find Your Apartment" on the home page. This custom-built search engine will then bring you to a new page that will help you find your new dwelling equipped with a gated entrance. On this new page, click the tab that says “advanced features.” This will open several new options. Select the tab titled "Community Features." Once this opens, you can scroll down to click on the "gated community" option. Once you select this button, a list of gated communities will populate on the page. You can then click on each icon for details on the property.

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