Where do most people live in Jacksonville?

Searching for military housing can often be a difficult task to endure, especially when restricted to a short time span. If you are moving to the city of Jacksonville as a new resident, you may quickly become overwhelmed by its unlimited geographical limits.

Did you know that there are nearly 50,000 military personnel in Jacksonville? As a result of Jacksonville's enormous boundaries, many new military men and women have found the town's strong military presence to be somewhat comforting. In fact, military housing comes by the dozen in this metropolitan city. As more and more veteran and activity duty men and women move into the area, the demand for military housing continues to boost the city's culture.  Subsequently, this lively location provides high quality and affordable living throughout the town.

If you are new to the coastal city, you may be wondering where you should begin your search for a new Jacksonville apartment. Of course, the answer to that question all depends on your personal preference of living style. However, many new to the state of Florida generally take interest in living near the beach and fully accepting the old Florida lifestyle.

If you are hoping to live near the Atlantic Ocean, there are several residential neighborhoods nearby, especially near Jacksonville Beach. This area is great for those who plan to spend the majority of their days outside. Additionally, and contrary to most costal cities, housing happens to be to be quite affordable near the water.Due to the fact that many students attending the University of North Florida tend to migrate towards the waters during their four-year stint with the school, many communities have lowered their rental amounts in order to accommodate their residents.

The vibe surrounding the shore-lines are also pretty laid back. Many locals suit up in flip-flops and sundresses, rarely strapping on heels for nightly entertainment. That being said, however, night life is quite enriching in areas near the Atlantic Ocean. Many restaurants and bars are within walking distance, making the consequences of drinking and driving a lesser occurrence.

Alternatively, many military personnel prefer to live in the downtown areas, just outside of their base. Downtown offers a different vibe and appeal than the ocean homes do. Downtown is filled with sky-rise buildings and luxury living. There are, however, plenty of cozy historic homes as well. Although these properties are not directly on the ocean, they are still a short drive to the nearest beach. Additionally, these Duval County communities located in downtown get to enjoy waterfront views of the St. Johns River. Moreover, many of the town's characteristics and entertainment evolve around the river.

Unlike other surrounding neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Downtown is filled with fine dine restaurants and international cuisines. There is also plenty of shopping, and public transportation.

Of course living directly on base is always an option. Some find that the convenience of living in base housing to be of high value and often prefer to be within walking distance of where they work.

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