I will be moving to military housing in Jacksonville with a pet. Do you have any advice for residents with pets?

We know that many residents feel like their pets are part of their families. Therefore, making plans for your pet(s) before you move to military housing in Jacksonville can help make the relocation much smoother. There are a few things to consider depending on the species, size, and temperament of your pet before you jump into the moving van! Check out the rest of this article for some helpful tips on pets and apartments.

If you're an active member of the military who spends extended time away from home, you may have a unique relationship and situation with your pet that deserves special attention. Many residents will have no problem arranging for neighbors or friends to care for their pets while they are gone for long periods, but some pets require stay-in sitters if they get anxious or need special care. You may want to consider renting a base housing apartment with an extra room to use for guests and sitters while you are gone. It can be a pain to rearrange your own room and things each time you need to leave. Setting up a guest room with fresh bedding and furniture will make it easier for you to pick up and go when you are needed. Another thing to consider is the square feet available in your future apartment. Do you have a really active dog? Do you have two cats that need a lot of space away from each other? A larger apartment may be the best choice for you.

In addition, there are a wide range of fees and fee types associated with pets in apartments. If you have a very large dog, make sure you review the weight and size limit specified by the leasing office. You do not want to sign a lease that excludes your best friend! Some military housing apartments have limits on the number of cats in an apartment, usually around two or three. Don't want to pay a monthly fee and prefer a flat fee at the beginning of your move-in? Make sure you choose an apartment that offers the type of fee you agree with. A monthly fee may be a better choice for someone who plans to only stay for a short time and not be under an annual lease, while a flat fee is better for residents who do not intend to move out again in the near future.

Do you have an exotic species of pet, like a lizard, bird, or snake? The leasing office will be able to tell you their policies on exotic pets, so make sure you tell them all the details before signing a lease. Some base housing apartments limit aquarium or vivarium size to a certain amount, like 20 or 40 gallons. We know some snakes and lizards require very large housing accommodations, so this is an important thing to consider before you move. It is helpful to bring a picture of your pet and some additional information about their setup when searching for apartments.

In summary, make sure you discuss your pet needs in detail with the leasing office before making a decision. Review the documents you are signing for fees and pet requirements. We hope you and your best friend(s) find the perfect new base housing place!

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