Where are best places to live in Jacksonville if I like going to bars?

Depending on your scene you may want to consider what area of Jacksonville you want to live in. If you hate the downtown scene, don't live near The Core. If you hate the college bar scene then don't live near Jax Beach. Living near the right bar scene is important so you aren't stuck driving out to drink (a bad choice in any city). A general guide of the bars can be found on Yelp.

Downtown area bars
Downtown is an up-and-coming area mainly consisting of The Core. Full of a variety of scenes, you'll find tons of activities to do. The best part of the bars here aren't necessarily the bars themselves but the events that go on around them. One of the most exciting events occurs annually in Jacksonville - The World's Largest Cocktail Party, an annual event that celebrates the rivalry between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators. There are also more events that go on downtown that will instantly make you regret not living in the area if you like that scene.

To find an apartment in the downtown area, go to the Jacksonville Apartments Guide and look for units near the downtown area on the map to find an apartment community near the area. Here's a great guide of downtown bars as well.

Jacksonville Beach bars
Jacksonville Beach, or more affectionately called Jax Beach, is an unbelievably fun area to go out in. Full of nightlife activity, this area is the favorite hotspot for many Jacksonville crowds. If you want to frequent these bars, you want to live nearby. No one wants to be tempted by drinking and driving from this crazy area!

To find an apartment nearby use the Apartment Guide and use the interactive map to find apartments near the Jax Beach area. Here is a guide for the best bars in the Jax Beach bars - Not that you'll need it as they all are awesome.

There are also more areas to go out in that may be more you're scene. The St. John's Town Center has a younger crowd with plenty of bars. Riverside is also a popular area for drinkers and worth consideration when choosing a place to live near. 

Jacksonville may not be an international hotspot of activity for bars and clubs like Miami. That doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do in Florida's largest (and most populous) city. Living close to your favorite bars is important for both your wallet and  your quality of life while living in Jacksonville.

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