I want to live alone, are there any one-bedroom apartments near UNF?

Attending college can be a very overwhelming experience, especially when searching for apartments near UNF.  When looking to live solo throughout your college career, there are several factors to consider.

First, Jacksonville is a pretty big city in addition to being deemed a college town. If you are attending the nearby university, it may be in your best interest to live close to class. Narrowing down a location can especially help limit your search time when hunting for a new college crash pad. Additionally, living near your academic institution can also help alleviate in costs associated with traveling to and from campus. This includes expenses on gas and parking.

Living in apartments near UNF can also allow you to enjoy affordable housing that is priced well within the student budget. Many communities near the state college are accustomed to housing student tenants. As a result, the surrounding properties are normally priced fairly according to the average college budget.

A drawback to living in this particular area is that many of the units are catered to students. This can be frustrating when searching for a one-bedroom floor plan. Many of the communities are built with more four-plan units than one-bedroom dwellings in order to accommodate to the typical student shared units. This type of floor plans, however, can be highly affordable. Although parts of the floor plan will be shared, tenants are allotted their own spacious rooms, bathrooms and closets. Even though you would not be living alone, rent can be almost half of the cost of renting a single unit loft. This is a great alternative when looking for cost efficient apartments near UNF.

If you are set on living on your own, you may also want to search for a new home that is all inclusive. This means cable, utility and internet may all be included a unit rental amount each month. Not having to pay several bills through the pay periods may be more convenient than having to take on the full responsibility yourself, especially when living on your own for the first time. All inclusive home can even provide furnished apartments to help ease the hassle of moving.

Now, are you wondering how to find one-bedroom apartments near UNF? Rentjax.com can help you discover the perfect new home by using the custom built apartment locator. This simple search guide allows users to find one-bedroom apartments in the area in less than a click! All you have to do to get started is select "find your apartment" on the main search page. You will quickly see a number line titled "Number of bedrooms." Select one bedroom and a list of the specified search criteria will populate on the page. From there, you can read about each community by clicking on the icon or limit your searches even further by specifying more needs or preferences.

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