How do I find Jacksonville kid-friendly apartments?

If you call the 'ville home, then you and thousands of college students have that in common. You might think that it would be a struggle to find apartments in Jacksonville that create a kid-friendly environment in which you can raise your children; if so, you would be wrong. While this city might get a little bit crazy every once in awhile, there are plenty of options for Jacksonville apartments where you would be happy to have your family grow.

The first step to finding the best apartments in Jacksonville is by working your way to the site's main page. There is going to be a lot of information, but don't get distracted - you'll be able to come back and look it over later. At the moment, you're looking for the big, green button that tells you to "Find Your Apartment." This will take you into the apartment guide, and you'll be presented with hundreds of options to choose from while you decide which of the many wonderful apartments in Jacksonville you want to be your new home.

Make your way to the section on the left hand side of the page that is labeled "Community Features" - it's under "Show advanced filters," so you'll have to click that at the bottom of the page. You'll want to then click the blue plus sign next to it so that you're presented with a drop down menu of options you would like to have in Jacksonville apartments. Would your kids benefit from a place with a playground or game room, or would they do better with a computer lab and a movie theater? Make your decisions, and check the "Yes" button by the features you'd like to see. This will then adjust your search automatically to only include Jacksonville apartments that have what you're looking for.

You're also able to take advantage of the other advanced filters in the apartment guide, which provides you with even more options to pick from. School zoning is typically a big concern for parents when they're looking for apartments in Jacksonville, because you want to make sure your kids get a great education. You can then select to search for Jacksonville apartments based off of zip code. Maybe you're fondest of the schools in the 32256 area, so you could narrow your search down to that region. This option is the same for other zip codes as well.

If there's somewhere else you would like to live by, such as St. Vincent Medical Center, you can also make good use of the "Distance to a Location" filter. All you have to do is input the address and adjust the slider to include the mileage you're willing to be away from it. Finding apartments in Jacksonville has never been easier.

Being a parent might just be the toughest job out there; with us, finding an apartment is one of the easiest. Good luck in your hunt!

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