Are there apartments in Jacksonville that include utilities with my rent?

How important are the basic necessities when searching for apartments in Jacksonville? We all know that living without the basic necessities of life is not an option. Water? Electricity? Cable? Internet? Phone? In today's society, all of those are considered basic necessities. The frustrating part of making sure you have these necessities is that they all come with a separate bill and a separate price tag. Some fluctuate depending on usage, while some stay the same. Each is due at a different time of the month. Some allow you to pay online, while others only want a check in person. So, is there a simpler solution?

The best advantage of living in a Jacksonville apartment is that you are in a city that features many apartments that appeal to every lifestyle. An apartment in Jacksonville can offer you the opportunity to pay one bill each month to your apartment manager. This helps to eliminate the frustration of multiple due dates and multiple charges.

Be sure to check out the all-inclusive section on to find Jacksonville apartments that give you the option to include all of your utilities within your rent payment. This section of our website features apartments in Jacksonville that will include all utilities. Just click on a location and see what utilities are included. You should have no problem finding apartments in all areas of Jacksonville that make it easy for you to commute to work or school.

You can also pick and choose what utilities you want included. Choose the “find your apartment” feature on our homepage. Scroll down the left side of our apartment search feature, choose “show advanced amenities” and you will notice an area titled “cable and utilities”. Click on that area and it will allow you to decide what utilities you want included in your rent. Once you have selected your options, click search and you will get a list of Jacksonville apartments that match your selection.

In the busy life of Jacksonville, you want to make sure that you have the basic necessities to survive. Forgetting to pay your cable bill on time can be bad when you go to watch your favorite show and there is no cable. Forgetting to pay your internet bill could cause you to miss that important assignment at school or work, or even leave you scrambling for a location in town that offers free Wi-Fi. We all know that having no electricity or water can be a huge problem. So, why worry about this? Find an apartment in Jacksonville that allows you to pay one bill, once a month, and live worry free for the rest of the month. Not having to worry about these basic needs while living in a Jacksonville apartment are important to making your day to day living all it can be and more.

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