What options are available to pay rent on my Jacksonville apartment?

Not too long ago, the only option you had to pay your rent was by check.  Now that we have moved into the era of mobility and technology, there are more options available.  Each option has its pros and cons.  Not every apartment will offer each option, so make sure to check, when signing your lease, and make sure that your preferred method of payment is available.  This is also a good time to inquire about any additional fees that might be added for different payment methods.  It's best to have a plan before it is time to pay your rent, and avoid late fees.

Cash payment is rare these days, but it is still available.  If your landlord accepts cash, there are some things you want to keep in mind to protect yourself.  First, always get a receipt when you pay your rent.  You want to make sure you keep your receipts so you have a record of payment since cash cannot be tracked through your bank.  You will want to make sure your receipt is signed by someone who is authorized to take payments, such as your landlord or property manager.  Make sure to verify that they are authorized to sign in case something comes up.  Secondly, do not send cash in the mail.  This is the easiest way for your rent money to get stolen and there is no way to recover that money.  The safest way is in person.  

Paying by check is a very common way to pay rent.  It is easily tracked through your bank and you can verify that it was received and cashed by visiting your online banking account or asking at your local branch.

With technology being the way of the future and being used by more and more people on the go, most Jacksonville apartments are offering online payment options.  Almost everyone has internet access and being able to pay your rent without having to go into the leasing office saves time.  You can pay online by credit or debit card.  Most of the time, especially when paying by debit card, there will be a small fee to cover the cost of processing the credit/debit cards.  The fee is usually minimal and well worth paying for the convenience of not having to track down your landlord or property manager to pay in person.  Another easy way to pay online is by setting up an automatic payment through your bank.  By setting up this option, it will guarantee that you are never late on a payment and it lets the bank handle the details of processing and mailing your payment.  Make sure to check with your bank on the time frames involved as it usually takes a few days to process and then a few days to mail and be received.  Make sure you allow yourself enough time for the process so your payment does not arrive late and you incur late fees.  

Whichever payment method you decide to use, make sure your payment is always received on time.  Some Jacksonville apartments will offer a grace period so find that out but do your best to never have to use this.  Paying your rent on time helps your credit scores and looks good on your renting record for when you have to relocate and get a new apartment.   

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