I recently moved into military housing in Jacksonville; how can I make it feel more like home?

When you or a loved one is part of the military, you probably move frequently, which can make it harder to feel more at home in a new place. It's great that you are making the effort to settle in and call Jacksonville your home, and I'm happy to help you get there. Here are a few tips that will have you feeling comfortable in your new off-base apartment in Jacksonville in no time:

1)    Break out the decorations. When you move into military housing in Jacksonville, you're often starting with a blank slate. Putting your own personal touch on it will make it feel much more like "your" space. Empty out any boxes you haven't unpacked (and that you don't plan to store). Hang photos or frame the posters you currently have. Check out local markets, like those mentioned in this guide from Visit Jacksonville, for other great home decor options to help make your place cozier. Bonus: scoping out those markets will help you with the following two points!

2)    Uncover your neighborhood. There are plenty of apartments near military housing, so get to know your neighborhood! Do you live within walking distance of the awesome surf in Jacksonville Beach? Maybe downtown Jacksonville is right around the corner, just waiting for you to check out its great restaurant options. Everywhere in the city has something worth uncovering, and once you start to learn your way around, that will help you feel more at home. Learning everything from your best grocery store to the closest gas station are important in helping you settle in.

3)    Know your neighbors. You're far from the only person in Jacksonville military housing! These folks are likely in a similar situation as you, and they know what it's like to be new. Not only can they help you figure out where to get good sushi without breaking the bank (I'd recommend Sushi Bear), but they can help you feel more involved in your community. Once you get to know the people nearby, you'll find out who's always down to go to the beach or check out a basketball game at UNF, and there's nothing that feels more like home than that.

4)    Check out local events. Jacksonville is home to many different kinds of events, and I can tell you from experience, nothing brings people together quite like the Florida - Georgia football game. From concerts to professional sporting events, there is always something going on in the city, and the more you do, the more ingrained in the area you'll feel. You are now part of the diverse community that makes Jacksonville such an awesome place to live; be sure to spend some time outside of military housing and actually go see that for yourself.

I know that it's hard, and it will take some time and effort before you feel right at home in a new place, but you will have such a great experience living in the military housing in Jacksonville once you've taken these steps. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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