I'm moving to Jacksonville without a job lined up - How is the job market there?

For a recent graduate looking for a new opportunity, Jacksonville offers one of the best areas in the country to move to in terms of affordability and opportunities. Not only is Jacksonville one of the largest metropolitan areas in the south but it was rated as one of the happiest cities in America for job-seeking grads. Number three to be exact!

Jacksonville is a major city with opportunities for not just grads but people in trade schools and the military as well. This is a city that is fast growing, affordable to live in, happy and best yet – Favorable employment!

Don't be surprised when you hear how happy recent graduates are to be living in Jacksonville. Florida is one of the few states that have no income taxes and that means more of your moolah goes right to your bank account. Along with more money means more opportunities in Jacksonville for bar hopping, clothes shopping and relaxing days at Jax Beach (all can be done on the same day). While you're searching for that perfect job, you'll find that the rent and cost of living is affordable in this town and you won't be forced to scrape by without a job if you saved up before making the move.

Job market
Probably the most important question here - How is the actual job market? Well, you can't have happy person without some work being available. Jacksonville has an unemployment rate of 7.7% and according to the JaxDailyRecord, is actually dropping to 7%! That's a nice number when you consider that the country is still slightly higher and not looking near as promising.

To get started looking for a job in Jacksonville, try uploading your resume to CareerBuilder and scouting out the job boards at Indeed. Regardless of city, you'll need more than a pretty resume to get a job nowadays so look to join your local networking chapters at MeetUp to meet people.

Best industries
Jacksonville offers much in the way of industries you can't find elsewhere. Florida's largest city offers incredible opportunities in banking, events, professional sports (Go Jags, I guess), military subcontracting, universities (UNF) and much more.

No one is saying this current job market is favorable. Unless you want to move to North Dakota, you'll find a tough time finding a job anywhere right now. But Jacksonville is one of the best areas in the country to look. Rent is affordable and you can see our rent prices at Jacksonville's Apartment Guide to see for yourself. The affordability factor sells it for me but don't miss out on the many things to do in the area. Due to the massive growth in twenty-something's moving to the area there is a lot to do. Jacksonville is fast growing and doesn't look to stop anytime soon. Don't be afraid to move here without a job lined up or you'll miss out!

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