I just got stationed in Jacksonville and don’t know anyone there. Are there any apartments that lease by the room?

You're in luck! There are several apartments in Jacksonville that offer leases by the bedroom as opposed to joint leases. To find the community that best matches your preferences, check out the list of Jacksonville apartments we have featured on our website.

If you're unsure about whether you want a joint or individual lease for your Jacksonville apartment, take a moment to consider the pros and cons of each.

Individual Leases

Also known as "by the bedroom," these leases are dealt out individually to each tenant of the apartment. Individual leases are a great way to ensure you are not held responsible for any of your roommates' shortcomings. Say they accidentally put a dent in their bedroom wall or are running late with the month's rent. You individual lease protects you from liability. With an individual lease, you are responsible for the upkeep of your space and the common room, as well as your own monthly rent.

Though, there are also some drawbacks of having an individual lease. Apartments that offer this leasing style usually charge a higher premium. They simply factor the cost of this risk into your rent.


Joint Leases

Unlike individual leases, these leases are done "by the apartment." Everyone signs together; therefore, the responsibility is shared. Joint leases are nice because they are typically cheaper than individual. In a joint lease, everyone is obligated to pay rent on time as well as the utility bills. Every roommate is equally responsible for the upkeep of the apartment- even each other's rooms. That means you are just as accountable for the dent in your roommate's wall as he/she is.

While joint leases are cheaper and easy to come across, keep in mind the extra responsibilities that come along with it.

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