Since UNF is near the coast, do I have to worry about a Hurricane?

UNF apartments are typically inland of the coast and closer to campus. However, there are student-housing areas near the water. However, most living communities in Florida are accustomed to the storm season and have set up numerous precautions in order to secure your home and your life in the event that a hurricane may head your way. Hurricane season lasts from June until the end of November. Although not very many hurricane’s have landed on the North Florida Coast in the last few years, the path of such storms are entirely unpredictable and there is always a chance to be struck my a powerful storm. Again, in the event that a Hurricane is expected to make landfall near your home, your property manager as well as the city will have safety precaution measurements instilled. This could be implementing evacuation plans, relocating to a safer building or even just staying indoors. Before signing your lease, make sure to ask your leasing administrator if you would are in an evacuation zone. Some community buildings have shutters and storm surge protectors on their apartments. Again, always make sure to ask your property manager the details of your new building’s infrastructure.

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