How can I find a flexible lease that comes with a furnished apartment?

Military moves are often challenging to say in the least. Being uprooted to a new city without warning is stressful and problematic, especially when you need to find a new home before you even begin to unpack.

Due to the harbor improvements made to the city, Jacksonville has become a major facility for military inhabitants, creating a home for the two bases of NAS JAX and Naval Station Mayport. In fact, Jacksonville holds the third largest military presence in the Nation. Home to multiple military divisions such as the National Guard and the US Marines Corps , you can definitely expect the surrounding city to accommodate to nearly every military need.

Not knowing how long you will be staying in any given location is almost more distressing than trying to search for a new temporary home. However, due to the large population of military residents in the area, many communities have become accustomed to the quick upheaval of moving. Being stuck in a year lease is the last thing you want to worry about when faced with a location transfer. Luckily, most Military housing in Jacksonville range from yearly, 9-month, 6-month and even month-to-month and weekly lease lengths. However, keep in mind that shorter leases may result in a higher rent per month.

You may think that searching for a short-term lease community may be time consuming and overwhelming. Fortunately, our apartment locator can help you discover the perfect home within minutes! All you have to do is use our custom-built search tools to help aid you in your complex search. To get started, click on the “Search Now” button on our page. This will redirect you to our search tools. On the left hand side of the page you will see a title bar called “Lease Length.” Once you click the addition sign on this tab, a number line will appear which allows you to select the length of your lease that will most accommodate your stay. You can click on each option and a list of living communities will appear on the page that fit your search criteria. You can then click on each icon to learn further details on the area. If you are still looking for more flexibility in a lease, do not hesitate to contact the property management staff. Most staff will be more than happy to work with you on your stay.

When moving from city to city, it is easiest to settle into a move-in-ready home. Fully furnished apartments make moving into your military housing an easy convenience. Fully furnished communities can come in a variety of living in order to suit your lifestyle. If you are looking to move with very little belongings, a fully furnished place may be best. Some furnished communities even come equipped with not only living, dinning and bedroom furniture, but also with kitchen utensils and dishes. These type of dwellings allow you to choose a luxury living unit to humble headquarters.

Other types of furnished communities can come partially furnished for those who already own some of their own décor. These types of units allow you the flexibility to decide which areas you prefer to be furnished. Here, you have the opportunity to just have a move in living room or maybe you just prefer to have your bedroom ready for you when you move in. Just as you searched for lease lengths, you can also plug in the search criteria in our search tools to help you find which properties meet your needs. The locator will narrow down your search to include military apartments near Jacksonville that offer flexible leases with fully furnished units.

Military demands often differ substantially from your average resident. However, the city of Jacksonville is engulfed with military men and women. As a result, most communities and management staff are accustomed to the uniqueness that follows such a prideful pursuit. In efforts to adapt to the inconsistent lifestyle, many areas have followed the trend of creating flexible lease plans as well as fully furnished units in order to show their support. When searching for your new home, plug in your needs and wants into our custom search tools to help you find your new community in minutes. Keep in mind that although some lease plans may be more flexible than they appear on the website. Do not hesitate to communicate your concerns and needs to each property, they will more than likely adjust their requirements to fit your needs.

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