How should I start my apartment search?

Apartments near UNF or even on campus have many options for those considering moving to the area. Jacksonville is a very large city, one of the states largest cities to be exact! It is very easy to get lost in all of the city’s attractions. However, there are vital factors to consider when you are looking to attend the University of North Florida. First, how long do you plan on staying in this area? Determining your lease length can help narrow down your search! Since we have already discovered that you wish to stay near the campus location, you should next plan out how much you would like to spend each month on rent. You can put your monthly number into our community search tool in order to provide you with a list of possible living spaces that meet your budget! Last, you will want to consider what amenities you prefer. Would you like a washer and dryer inside of your unit? You may wish to have a gated entry or a fitness center on property. These are definitely things to consider prior to ending your search. You can place all of these decisions into our search tool guide, and our website will generate a list of options perfect for you!

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