Any tips on hosting family and friends this holiday season at my Jacksonville military apartment?

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Eden's Edge Apartments offers a lot for your guests visiting your military housing in Jacksonville with equipped gourmet kitchens and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy this holiday season.

As we enter into the fall season, we know the holidays are not far behind. We compiled a list of tips for hosting family and friends at your military housing in Jacksonville during the holiday season. Whether it is just for the day or an overnight visit, we hope these ideas help you prepare for your guests.


If you live with roommates in your military apartment, make sure to discuss any visitors ahead of time, so you all are prepared and on the same page. Will they be at the apartment during that time? Is it a good time for visitors? Do they want to be included in your visit? Perhaps if you are hosting a meal, they can also attend and possibly assist in the meal preparations. If you share a common area, they can help clean or keep it clean during the visit. Pets could be considered roommates also, so make sure your guests know about pets or if you need to make other arrangements during their stay.


You will want to clear and prepare your apartment. You may wish to update your space with seasonal décor to make it more inviting and festive. Add candles or new plants to welcome the season and your guests. Clean the front door area and common shared spaces your guests will spend time in, including bathrooms, kitchen, and living room. If this is an overnight or more extended visit, make sure to clean and set up a bedroom with clean sheets and towels that they can use. As we enter into the fall season, the outdoor temperatures will dip a little bit, and it is the perfect time to spend more time outdoors. If you have a patio or balcony space at your apartment, make sure to clean that before your guests arrive.


Use this time to stock up on most used items such as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. Find out their favorite foods or must-have items when they travel. Include those items on your shopping list. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and feel more comfortable when it feels like home while they travel.


As mentioned above, it is good to find out your Jacksonville military apartment guest's favorite foods and must-have items. It is also a good idea to plan your meals during the visit. Do you plan to cook or eat at home? Do they want to experience Jacksonville through food and go out to eat at some of Jacksonville's most popular restaurants or local favorites? Also, make a list of must-see things for out-of-town guests around the Jacksonville area, and that list may include the beach, some of our local parks, or museums. Find out their interests and things they might enjoy as they visit. If you need ideas for something to do around the Jacksonville area, check out the Visit Jacksonville.

A little preparation ahead of time to host family and friends at your military housing in Jacksonville will help you relax and fully enjoy their visit. We hope this list of tips will help you on your way this holiday season!

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