Are there military housing areas that come fully furnished?

Being uprooted to a new city can be an overwhelming and stressful process. Not knowing how long you will be staying in each city can be even more distressing when trying to look for an accommodating space to temporarily call home. Jacksonville is home to two major military bases, NAS JAX and Naval Station Mayport. The National Guard, Navy, US Marines Corps and many other militant men and women also take space at the Naval Air Station near Roosevelt Boulevard. In order to meet the needs of out Military residents, Jacksonville has offered many apartment to come fully furnished. Fully furnished communities make moving into your Military housing convenient and easy. These homes can include, bed, desks, fully equipped kitchens and living spaces. To find these type of communities, use out search guide and select the “furnishing” option. A list of fully furnished areas will populate the screen. You can then filter out the searches by using out map guide to figure out where in Jacksonville you would like to live.

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