My new Jacksonville apartment comes furnished, will it include a TV?

Jacksonville furnished apartments are perfect for those who are just starting out in their own apartment or those who do not intend to stay in the Jacksonville area for an extended period of time. There apartments come in a variety of styles, leasing options, and floor plans, from studios to 4 bedroom apartments. You may be wondering what is included in your Jacksonville furnished apartment. Generally, bedroom furnishings include a bed, dresser, and night stand. The living room will likely have a couch, dining room table, and coffee table. But a very important furnishing that most people use at least once a day may not be included: a TV. TVs are only sometimes included as a feature in a furnished apartment. You'll want to ask your prospective property management team if a TV comes with the apartment. If so, then you'll want to ask some important questions. How big is the TV? Maybe the TV is a little smaller than what you are accustom to or possibly much bigger. If your apartment is all-inclusive you'll want to ask what cable package is customary and if you have the opportunity to upgrade or add extra channels. Having a TV in your apartment seems necessary this day in age, so be sure you know up front if it comes with your furnished apartment as it would be an unexpected cost you did not plan for during the move-in process.

What if my furnished apartment doesn't come with a TV?

If your furnished apartment does not come with a TV, you have a couple of options. One option is to buy a TV. TVs can rage in price, size, and definition. So, you should be able to find one that is within your budget. If you have roommates, this is an item that could be pitched in for. You can also look for TVs that are Energystar approved, which will save you money because they are more energy efficient than a standard TV. However, you'll need to decide upfront who has custody over the TV when the lease ends. Another option is to search for apartments that offer corporate units. Corporate units can be more expensive than regular furnished apartments, but they generally include all furnishings. In a corporate rental, you are likely to find all of the standard furnishing that are included in a furnished apartment plus things like a TV, entertainment stand, and a office desk. Some apartment communities even take care of linens for your bedroom, utensils for your kitchen, and towels for your bathroom! However, these types of apartments are more expensive than their furnished apartment counterparts, but less expensive and more comfortable than a 30 night stay in a hotel. Regardless of what you decide, you will find plenty of apartment options in Jacksonville.

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