I’m a UNF student. So, money is tight. What are some cheap ways to entertain myself in Jacksonville?

As a UNF student you may not have a large expendable budget. Luckily there are plenty of Jacksonville apartments that are close to plenty of noteworthy activities and entertainment. In fact, there are even apartment communities that can keep you entertained without having to leave the apartment community. You just have to know what to look for! Rent Jax has the apartments in the right location and amenities that make Jacksonville life fun without breaking the bank!

One of the best things about Jacksonville is the access to the beach. The beach is a great way to hang with friends, get some fresh air, and soak in some vitamin D. Not only that, the beach is essentially free. You'll of course need to bring provisions. You can't just go out in the Jacksonville heat all day without food or water. So, pack yourself a cooler with water and snacks from home as eating out can be expensive. Many apartments in Jacksonville are centrally located to the UNF campus and the beach. So, you can save your gas money too!

Feeling a tad adventurous? The Jacksonville Baldwin trail, once a part of the CSX railway line, is an outdoorsman's dream. This trail appeals to hikers, bikers, and equestrians! This luscious park provides a 14.5-mile greenway between Imeson Road and County Road 121, just past the town of Baldwin. With a trail that size you could make an entire day long trip with you buds or gal pals! This is a great way to explore Jacksonville, without spending a penny. Just load up your bike, roller blades, or maybe just your sneakers. You're new apartment will be just moments away from one of Jacksonville's most beautiful nature trails.

The best thing about UNF apartments is the resident activities that apartment communities put on. Usually, at least once a month, your apartment community will put on a pool party, poker tournaments, and singles mingles. In between resident events, there should be plenty of inexpensive ways to keep yourself occupied. Apartment amenities are a great way to have some fun free of charge. Tennis courts, pools, game rooms are just a few of the long list of features that UNF apartments have to offer.

So, how do you find these UNF apartments? Rent Jax has so many easy to use search tools that basically do all the apartment hunting for you. Go to the Rent Jax homepage and select the “UNF Apartments” tab. The “Find Your Apartment” button takes you to the search guide. On the left hand side you will see a list of apartment features to choose from. Click the “advanced filters” drop down menu and then the “community features”. At that point all you have to do is pick the fun features you desire and we populate the apartments that meet your criteria!

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