I love food, are there any UNF apartments near a lot of food options?

If you are a UNF food lover looking for a new home, then you need to be looking for apartments near St. John's Town Center. St. John's is the heart of Jacksonville shopping, in terms of both stores and restaurant options. From fine dining to a casual lunch, you will be able to satisfy the food variety your stomach desires. Lucky for you, there are plenty of great UNF apartments that are right near this area!

UNF apartments near St. John's are located in the Southside area, just as St. John is. Southside has become a hub for many stores, restaurants, malls, and apartments. Having such a large amount of attractions draws many Jacksonville residents on a daily basis. This can make traffic an issue, especially during certain times of the day. If you live here however, you won't really have to worry about any of that. You will be so close to the restaurants that you can walk to them. UNF is also nearby, making the commute for students living in this area short and sweet.

Now let's talk about your living options, as there are a large variety of them when it comes to UNF apartments in this area. There is a great amount of choice, varying from affordability to luxury. Apartments in Southshore will have floor plan options of 1 to 3 roommates, so you can bring some of your fellow food lovers with you if you don't want to live alone. The units are centrally air conditioned, with plenty of space for residents to feel comfortable in their home. They also have a great amount of amenities and features available to residents to utilize in their free time, based on the complex you choose to live in. Overall, UNF apartments near St. John's are a perfect homes for you to just relax in-between your meals.

Being so close to the restaurants you will find that you do not have to use your car, but can walk or bike instead. If however you are bringing a car with you and want to use it to get out of the Florida heat while getting food, the apartments here will provide for you. Many of the UNF apartments in this area will provide parking with your rent. Some complexes even give residents a personal parking space to remove the worry of not finding one when you return. If you are more financially conservative, there are several places that do not provide parking but have plenty of street parking available which may help to reduce rent rates.

All in all, if you are looking to live in one of the UNF apartments with accessible food variety, you need to look into living near St. John's Town Center. With great options such as The Cheesecake Factory, Panera Bread, and California Pizza Kitchen, your definitely will not be disappointed. Look through all the different options and find the perfect new home for you and stomach. Happy eating!

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