I just got stationed in Jacksonville. How can I find Jacksonville apartments with a fitness center to keep in shape?

Because of the Naval Air Station being located in Jacksonville there are a lot of military families that live in town. With that, there are a lot of great choices of Jacksonville apartments for newcomers. As a new resident you can find plenty of apartments in Jacksonville that provide those preferred criteria from rental rates, number of bedrooms, pet-friendly options, and whether or not they offer a fitness center on property. You can use our easy apartment search guide at Rentjax.com where you can tailor your apartment search by the standards that you choose: number of bedrooms, location, lease length, and amenities. Click on “Search Now” and go down on the left where it says “Sports and Fitness”. If you click on that you can specify whether or not you want a 24-hour fitness center. Once you choose those specifications (by clicking the circle under yes for either fitness center or 24-hour fitness center) Rentjax.com will populate the options of the apartments in Jacksonville that have what you have requested.

Additionally, if you want your apartment to be close the beach to be able to go for a morning or late night run or close to a separate gym off property use the easy apartment search guide again on the Rentjax.com homepage go down on the left to where it says “Distance from my location” and put in the address of the beach or gym you'd like to be close to your apartment. After you put in an address, move the bar underneath and choose the amount of miles you'd like your apartment to be from that location. The apartment search guide should populate options for your apartment in Jacksonville within that mileage from the specified location.

After you do all that, take a look at the options of Jacksonville apartments that remain: their location, what amenities they offer, and their rental rates. Once you do, select the one in Jacksonville that is going to be the most beneficial for your active military lifestyle. After reviewing them and you have handpicked a few: call them up, find out what specials, if any, they offer, schedule a tour, and then pick one. Now you have your apartment in Jacksonville and you can start your new adventure today!

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