What new criteria should I consider when finding a roommate during the pandemic?

Finding apartments in Jacksonville during these uncertain times has changed. Most businesses around the world are adjusting to new ways of doing business. And that means apartment leasing is included. While virtual tours are definitely one-way things are different, but also and signing leases virtually too. Your usual screening process for roommates should probably include more questions.

Do you plan to continue social distancing after you move in?

Taking a quick peek at social media, you'll see the philosophies on social distancing run the gambit. Therefore, it's vital to make sure your roommate is similar in your philosophy. If you're looking for a roommate who has remained completely quarantined or one that is ok with spending time in large groups, you'll want to make sure you discuss that with your potential roommate.

Are you comfortable with being tested for COVID before moving in?

If you're concerned about COVID-19 or are in one of the designated immune-compromised groups, you may want to ask your roommate to get tested. It might help you offer to get tested as well. There are many places currently performing testing in Jacksonville.

Do you want to allow visitors in the apartment? Is it limited to certain people?

Don't assume, make sure you get down to the details and discuss who is and is not allowed in your apartment. Discuss the specifics! Are you comfortable with a certain number of people, are only those with similar philosophies on group gatherings allowed? If they do like to have people over will that affect renting Jacksonville apartments that have a noise policy?

Are you a student looking for another student or are you looking for a business professional?

Right now many people are working from home, so in a small space, this can definitely affect everyone living there. You should ask questions about their job and if they work from home only currently due to the pandemic or will that continue in the future? Where in the apartment do they plan to do this and what hours? Do they work full time or do they go to school as well?

Do you know or have you been in close contact with anyone that has tested positive for coronavirus?

The current recommendation is that anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should quarantine themselves for 14 days. However, you may want to ask your potential roommate if they've known anyone that has had the virus. And, how long ago they were diagnosed.

Travel plans future or recently?

If your potential roommate is flying from another state are you ok with them moving in right away? Do they plan to go on a European vacation soon? Have they just arrived back from a semester abroad in Spain? These are all potential questions you may want to ask. 

How to Find a Roommate for your Jacksonville Apartments search

If you're struggling about where to begin your search for a roommate, we've got your covered. We've narrowed down apartments that offer roommate matching when you sign a lease.


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