What is Feng Shui and how can I do it at my Jacksonville apartment?

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When you're a busy college student, it can be difficult to keep your Jacksonville apartment organized. No matter what is going on in your life, juggling classes, mental health, and cleanliness is something that everyone struggles with. In fact, people have been struggling to balance their lives for thousands of years. Feng Shui is a Chinese technique invented in the 9th century BC that combines organization with meditation to bring practitioners health, happiness, and good luck. This tried-and-true method is still popular today and it's easy to practice at apartments in Jacksonville.

Why Feng Shui?

Translated literally from the Chinese words for "wind" and "water", the goal of Feng Shui is to use spatial arrangement to create balance with the natural world and establish harmony between a person and their environment. In simpler terms, the practice is about organizing belongings, furniture, and decorations in a way that evokes positive emotions for the person living there. If you've heard of the Marie Kondo method of tidying, Feng Shui is comparable. Although Feng Shui stems from spiritual beliefs about the flow of Qi, or cosmic energy, it also contains many practical tips for keeping an orderly home, and these tips are applicable in all Jacksonville apartments from four bedroom apartments to small studios.

Clearing a path through your Jacksonville apartment

An important tenet of Feng Shui is to keep a clear path for energy to flow through your home. Energy blockages are said to lead to feelings of lethargy, exhaustion, and unproductivity. But how do you ensure that there are no blockages in Jacksonville apartments? A good rule of thumb is that if your way through your apartment is obstructed, then the energy is also obstructed.

For example, check that every door or doorway is clear and unobstructed. It is recommended to remove any coats hanging on your door knobs, as this impedes the door's function. Move through your apartment and notice if any furniture gets in your way. If you have a table that you often bang into or a chair you constantly stub your toe on, they are creating a blockage of negative Qi in your home. If you have a messy pet, pick their toys up off the floor. Other things you can do to maximize flow is to keep plants in your kitchen, remove the television from your bedroom if you have one, and create a dedicated safe place to keep your keys.

Keep the Energy Flowing

Now that the Qi is flowing freely through your home, the last step is to maintain that positive energy. Set a cleaning schedule for yourself to keep the apartment tidy or strive to pick up clutter for just five minutes a day. Try meditating on things in your home that cause your energy to drag and find ways to improve them. Get your roommates on board too; the job will be easier with more helping hands. If you are diligent and continue to follow the practices of Feng Shui, you will be rewarded with happiness, productivity, and mental well-being.
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