I have small children. Are there any military apartments in Jacksonville that are family-friendly?

Jacksonville consists of a big city feel and laid back southern charm, so it's a great choice for you to raise your children and have a family. Wanting to raise your children in a family-friendly environment and safe neighborhood is a no-brainer and most communities understand that, so there have been more and more communities offering family-friendly and kid-friendly amenities. A good way to locate your new kid-friendly home in Jacksonville is to look for amenities that are specifically geared towards children such as playgrounds, picnic areas, game rooms, pools, etc. Keep in mind that a lot of communities offer organized resident activities, so check to see what events they have planned and that will also give you some input into which communities will be friendly to your family and lifestyle. If they are advertising for a pool party with a DJ, that may not be the best choice for you. Here's how to get an idea of the communities that are kid-friendly in Jacksonville.

To find your family-friendly military apartment in Jacksonville use our easy apartment search guide on RentJax.com Military Housing. You can reduce the local military communities to just a few options by choosing communities and units that have amenities that are great for children such as: picnic area, game room, and playgrounds as mentioned previously. To begin your search first click “Find Your Apartment” and then down on the left-hand side you'll see the different criteria. Go to the section that says “Community Features” and you'll see picnic area, game room, and playground listed. Just click on the dot under “Yes” for which you'd like to be available to your new Jacksonville apartment. Additionally, head down to “Sports and Fitness” and you'll see pool, basketball court, volleyball court, etc. If any of those spark your interest, click on the dot under “Yes” for those as well. Once you make your selections for what child-friendly amenities you'd like to have in your new community, RentJax.com Military Housing will automatically provide you with the military apartments in Jacksonville that have what you have requested. While you're using our easy apartment search guide you can also search for other criteria that you need or want in your military apartment like: rent cost, number of bedrooms, if it's pet-friendly, or other amenities that you'd like in your home.

Once you have completed the selection of your preferences, RentJax.com Military Housing will provide you with the options for your new family-friendly military apartment in Jacksonville. Complete your investigation by considering where they are located in Jacksonville (are they near base?), what they offer (in regards to community and unit amenities and features) what is their price by apartment, and if they offer kid-friendly amenities for your little ones. Pick the Jacksonville apartment you think is the best fit for you and your family and contact them to find out more information or schedule a tour of the property and a unit to gain a little more knowledge that will further help you in your decision. A move like this one can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with children involved, so we here atRentJax.com Military Housing want to make this move the easiest it can be so that you can focus on enjoying watching your children grow.


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