Where can I find public transportation and parking near UNF's campus?

Do you like parking and walking to class? Are you a public transportation person? Want an apartment right off-campus? There are a lot of choices when it comes t picking your apartment in the right location. UNF students want to be as close to campus or public transit as possible for easy class convenience. The way you prefer to get to class and convenience is up to you but here are some helpful tips.

Public transit
Go to the apartment search tool  and set the public transportation tool to the setting you want (bus nearby). This is how you can roll out of bed and still make it to class while living far away. 

Finding an apartment near UNF
Go to our apartment search tool where you can filter out the settings for apartment that you want. One useful feature is that you can filter by distance from a certain object. Once you're on the apartment search tool, go to "Distance from Location" and in the address input UNF's address:

University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Put the distance that you want to be from campus. This is a very easy way to get the right kind of apartments near campus that are usually student-catered apartments. Now that you have a filter of distance from campus, what distance should you set it?

Living near campus (0-2 miles)
Featured right near campus are apartments like The District. The convenience of these apartments is that they can be easily accessed to campus. Roll right out of bed and take the first bus to campus because you'll be there fast. Students live here and all are in the same boat.

Living far from campus (over 3-4 miles)
If you want to live in a more conventional type of apartment where you can live with all types of people (and not just students) then some apartments further away from UNF are the way to go. From here you need to make sure driving and parking are practical. On the apartment guide go to "Parking" and set your filters for what type of parking you want such as inclusion in rent and covered parking. You need to determine a convenient way and affordable way to get to class everyday and still know what is the easiest for that commute.

Also, look into UNF's parking information for more details about permit prices and availability for students at: http://www.unf.edu/parking/

It's important to determine the type of situation that you want to live in when you go to UNF. If you want the typical college experience then living closer to campus where ease of transportation and living near students is ideal. RentJax's convenient search tools makes searching for these needs much easier. 

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