I’m thinking about getting a dog, but is military housing in Jacksonville dog-friendly?

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View at Mandarin
View at Mandarin is one of many Jacksonville apartments that allow dogs.

As the proud dog mom of two fur babies, I know what great companions they can be and how they really make a place feel like home. Fortunately for you, you can definitely find Jacksonville military housing that will suit you, as well as your new furry friend.

Moving into a new apartment near military housing in Jacksonville with a pet makes things a bit more complicated. From pet restrictions to fees, you and your family will have a few extra things to consider. Not to worry, renting an apartment near the military base is totally feasible with a dog, especially if you follow these tips!

These are the steps I recommend taking to be sure you'll both be in "puppy love" with each other and your new place.

  1. Double check the rules and regulations. A lot of the military housing in Jacksonville is dog-friendly (you can always check here to see which apartments allow dogs), but they may have regulations about the size and/or breed that you can bring in. Be sure that you have read your lease closely to confirm any dog you get fits whatever restrictions they may have, and if you're not sure, definitely confirm with the team there. You don't want to bring home your new best friend only to find out he or she is not allowed to live with you.

  2. Save up a little extra cash. You probably already considered the obvious costs associated with getting a dog - leash, food, bed, etc. (If not, this is a great new dog owner guide on your first purchases.) However, you'll also have to make sure their shot record is updated and likely need to pay a pet deposit for your Jacksonville military housing before they can move in. This is for the benefit of the community, but it can catch you by surprise if you didn't plan on paying for those expenses right away. Be sure to budget accordingly.

  3. Find your (and your apartment's) perfect match. You know that your apartment is pet-friendly, but do they have other amenities your dog can use, like a dog park? Do you live near one of Jacksonville's dog-friendly parks or beaches so your pup can run around? If your apartment is on the smaller side and you don't have easy access to wide open spaces, you probably don't want to get a bigger dog who has a lot of energy. Be sure to account for what your military housing provides so that both you and your pup will be happy with the living situation. I'd recommend talking with the folks at Jacksonville Humane Society to find your perfect match in terms of size and temperament.

  4. Be prepared for some stress to start. Once you've brought home your furry friend, you'll both be adapting to a new situation and feeling a little on edge. Your dog may exhibit signs of stress or fear, and they may take it out on your apartment from time to time as they cope (Our puppy did a number on the carpet in our last apartment.). Don't worry about this too much. Your pup will settle into life in your Jacksonville military housing, as well as into your lifestyle, but it will take some time. You can expect some accidents, but you can also expect a lot of love from your fur baby.

I'm sending all the best to you and your future dog - good luck!

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