How can I make my UNF apartment more festive?

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It's about time to start decking the halls of your apartment with festive décor. Adding some cheer to your UNF apartment is the perfect way to bring Christmas cheer to finals season and make your home a cozy place to relax after classes. Keep reading for some Christmas decorating ideas to transform your apartment without wiping out your savings. Don't worry if you don't celebrate Christmas, there are a number of other holiday decoration ideas below, any of which can be adapted to incorporate your culture or religion.

Reuse and Repurpose

Making your UNF apartment festive doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy brand-new decorations. For example, play off of the color scheme in your living room or kitchen adding pops of green, red, silver or gold to create a new look. Rearrange your furniture to focus more attention on your Christmas tree of Kwanza alter. Once you've made great use of everything you already have you can buy the few things you really need.

Go Thrifting

Thrift shops are great for budget-friendly decorations. Donation centers near the University of North Florida such as Goodwill and Salvation Army have tons of hidden gems at this time of year. If you're lucky, you'll find some beautiful antiques that you can haggle prices for these pieces.

Feed Your Sweet Tooth

Decorating candy allows you to beautify your home while also giving guests (and yourself) sweet treats to snack on while visiting. You can buy candy canes in bulk from stores like Sam's and Costco then tie ribbon around the hooks to hang on a tree. You can also put bowls of caramels, mints and chocolates in a bowl near an entryway to welcome classmates from your University of North Florida classes over, or try putting Hanukkah gelt in a dish.

Embrace DIY

Open up Pinterest and channel your inner artist to make some decorations yourself this holiday season! Not only will you save money, but you can invite some friends over or gather the roommates and have a craft party with mulled wine and holiday cookies. Although it may seem intimidating, there are plenty of easy decorations such as garlands and wreaths that you can make to hang on doors or balconies. For more homemade holiday décor ideas, check out this article from HGTV. 


If your UNF apartment is small or you want a Christmas tree without the price tag, opt for a mini version or a smaller tree.  Sites like Etsy and Amazon sell mini, reusable trees, which are great for the environment. Regardless of what tree you decide to buy, if you live in a pet-friendly apartment, make sure your decorations are pet-friendly as well.

Add Some Shine

Holiday lights instantly cozy up a student apartment. You can buy string lights and drape them in front of windows or line the corners of your ceiling. If you get a bit lazy after the turn of the new year, they look excellent year-round.

Gallery Wall

Add some personality to your budget apartment by curating a seasonal gallery wall. Gather old holiday photos and greeting cards and frame them with holiday colors to hang on barren walls. After the season is over, you can switch out the photos and display your favorite art of the rest of the year. Before you start, make sure you know your apartment's policy for hanging up decorations.

Hang Mistletoe

Add a bit of romance and excitement by hanging this classic holiday decoration. You can buy artificial ribbon to create your own of purchase a faux mistletoe for under 10 dollars at your local supermarket. When hanging your mistletoe, be safe and ask someone to spot you if you're using a ladder or step stool.

Decorating can be stressful, especially if you don't have the funds to back your dream vision. But remember, the holidays are really about spending time with family and celebrating your culture. Hopefully, with these decorating tips, you can elevate your UNF apartment into a joyful holiday wonderland to focus on making memories with your loved ones.

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