I have a long-distance relationship, what are some things for couples to do when visiting my apartment near NAX JAX?

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Pointe Parc at St John's
Pointe Parc at St. Johns is an apartment complex nearby River Road in St. Johns. River Road is a picture-perfect date spot.

Long-distance relationships are tough, especially when you're in a new city, adapting to a new duty assignment. The miles between two people sometimes create emotional distance. However, there are successful ones, and the key is visiting each other. It may be costly to see one another, but the joy of reuniting is worth it. What makes it even better is being in a beautiful city where both of you get to explore. Jacksonville is just that. Here are three places that are sure to be a sweet date spot near your Jacksonville military apartment.  

Explore St. Johns  

Jacksonville has a world to offer when it comes to date activities, not far from your apartment near NAX JAX. At St. Johns, you can explore the shopping strip with your significant other. However, if you're looking for something a little more relaxing, try going to River Road. Just 15 minutes from St. Johns Town Center, River Road is the perfect sunset watching area. It is nature's movie theater as you and your partner can watch as the sun paints the sky orange and pink. Or you could settle in at night and count the stars as they appear. Either way, River Road is a sight to see. 

Visit Downtown Jacksonville  

Nothing screams more date night than downtown Jacksonville. Yet, with such a large number of restaurants and entertainment, what is close to your apartment that you should check out? There's quite a bit. 

If you are looking for a nightlong activity full of music, look no further than Daily's place located in Downtown Jacksonville. In Mid-May, Daily's place will have The Lumineers for two nights in a row. A new concert venue to Jacksonville, Daily's, has already seen numerous famous acts such as Thirty Seconds to Mars.  

However, if a concert seems out of your budget, you can always visit MOCA, Jacksonville's Museum of Contemporary art. The admission fee is $8, but they offer military and student tickets for just $5. The UNF institution is a beautiful date idea where you and your partner can appreciate more than art. This is also the perfect place for a couple's picture in their gardens. 

Jacksonville Beach  

One of the perks of living in apartments near NAS JAX is easy to access beaches. It's almost unavoidable to not end up at Jacksonville beach on a date.  Casa Marina is a restaurant the has the best view of the beach. With a nice dinner and a background, you're sure to enjoy just more than your partner. As a plus, both of you can also explore the area around Jacksonville Beach that abounds with bars and ice cream shops. Surely, it will be a memorable date.  

It's never too late to plan a date! Maybe the distance between you and your partner can inspire date ideas and give you time to plan the perfect visit. For more ideas, be sure to check out College Magazine's top ten places for dates linked here. Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but putting in the effort is the key to success. The best way to fall in love is by watching the sunset with your significant other.

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