I will be moving to Jacksonville, what should I expect to pay up front to cover expenses?

Moving can be costly but being prepared can help make moving a smooth transition.  There are many different expenses that you can expect when moving. For instance, there will be deposits for your apartment, utilities, application fees, and, of course, moving expenses related to the truck rental.

When searching for an apartment in Jacksonville, you can definitely expect to pay an application fee.  All apartment complexes charge different application fees.  Apartment complexes charge application fees to cover processing your application, which includes calling employers, prior landlords, and even references.  It also covers the expense of obtaining a credit check.  A good thing to keep in mind, when looking, is that most of the time, apartments will run specials that will include no application fee and a smaller deposit.  Make sure to ask, when contacting an apartment complex in Jacksonville, if they are offering any move-in specials.

Another expense you will incur is the deposit on your apartment.  Deposits can be for holding your apartment during your application process, security deposits, and pet deposits.  When searching apartments in Jacksonville, you need to be aware that you will need to pay a security deposit.  This deposit is generally equal to one full month's rent.  This deposit will typically be returned to you when you move out, if you leave the apartment in good shape and have no damage to the apartment, aside from the normal wear and tear while you are living in it.  If you have pets, you will also be required to pay a pet deposit.  This deposit will be used when you move out to cover the added expense of cleaning and deodorizing your apartment for new tenants.  Make sure you check with the apartment complex you choose to move into, if the pet you have requires a deposit and how much, so you are prepared when signing your lease.

When turning on your utilities, such as electricity, water, cable, and internet, you should expect to pay a deposit.  Most utility companies will charge a deposit based on your credit score.  It is hard to say how much each company will charge, so calling ahead of time to find out what your deposit might be, will help you save money, this way you are prepared when the time comes. 

Renting a moving truck or even hiring a moving company is also an expense you need to plan for.  Depending on your time frame and reason for moving, you should call around, or visit sites on the internet, to determine fees for renting a truck.  Most rental companies will require a set amount plus a per mile charge.  You will also be expected to bring the truck back with the same amount of gas it had when you picked it up.  Make sure you are the one to put the gas back in it.  Moving companies will charge as much as two times the regular price per gallon to fill the tank up and you will be expected to pay that amount, so stop on your way to drop it off, and get the tank back to where it started. 

As you can see, moving can be an expense, but if you plan ahead of time and know what fees you are expected to pay, then having the money available when the time comes will make it easier on you and your bank account.  Make a list, know the fees expected or a roundabout figure, and then moving into your new Jacksonville apartment will be a breeze.

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