Where can I get a good cup of coffee near my UNF apartment?

I think it's safe to assume 99.9% of college students run on caffeine and University of North Florida students are not the exception. Even if you could make a great cup of coffee in your UNF apartment, sometimes we just want to get out and explore. The selection near all college campuses can be a little overwhelming since everyone knows what college students need. But it's important we all can find a cozy spot to get our caffeine fix.

Sippers Coffeehouse

5 minutes away from University of North Florida's campus is a unique little coffeeshop serving delicious coffee and freshly baked goods. Known for "coffee, food, and community" this adorable little coffeeshop is a UNF staple. Not only can you grab some well-deserved caffeine and a tasty treat, the coffeeshop also has tables to study at, and even a cute study nook. If you want to get away from campus, without actually being too far, check out Sippers Coffeehouse.

Pura Bean Coffee Company

Pura Bean Coffee Company, located on Beach Blvd, serves up some delicious coffees, teas, and baked items. If you're looking for a quite spot to study while getting a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, this might be the spot for you. Word on the street is that their lavender-infused cold brew is the perfect drink on a warm summer day. If you're not a coffee drinker but still need a caffeine kick, be sure to try their iced chai tea latte. Be sure to look out for their mobile coffee truck too!

Daily Dose Craft Bar

If you're looking for a coffee shop that sells more than just hot coffee with cream and sugar, Daily Dose Craft Bar might be the place for you. Located inside a pharmacy, Daily Dose Craft Bar serves up some of the most delicious coffee and boba tea you can get in Jacksonville. There's new specials every week so you can ensure that there's always something new and interesting to try. This would be a great place to bring your new roommates and get to know the area near your UNF apartment. Make sure to try the delicious expresso boba milk tea.

Aroma Corner

If you're totally into the boba craze, check out Aroma Corner, which serves delicious boba tea and some of the most amazing desserts near your UNF apartment. If you need a caffeine pick me up, make sure to try the delicious caramel latte made with freshly ground coffee beans. Pair that with the taro mousse cake for a delicious coffee and dessert treat. Want to branch out of your comfort zone? Locals love the avocado smoothie with boba, which meets the requirement of being sweet without being too sweet.

The Mini Bar

Do you like the classic combo of a hot coffee with a delicious donut? The Mini Bar Donuts & Coffee is definitely the spot for you. Of course, they have the classic donuts, like a glazed or chocolate icing, but they also have some unique treats like lemon poppyseed and caramel delight.  They also have plenty of coffee options, like a classic latte or the fan-favorite macchiato. With plenty of indoor seating for studying, or outdoor pet-friendly seating, The Mini Bar is definitely the place to check out. 

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