I am huge book lover! If I move to apartments near UNF, where can I go to pick up some books and meet like-minded friends?

Have you stopped reading a book just long enough to read this article? We'll try to make this reading experience comparable to your latest novel as you're looking for apartments near UNF! Is it crucial for you to have a library or bookstore nearby so you can grab something new to read immediately? You won't be disappointed if you choose to make this area your new home. With several bookshops and libraries in the area (and on campus!), you will always have a resource for new and use books. If you're looking to make some literary friends, you can also pick from a variety of book clubs in your new town.

The first thing you'll want to know is that there is a Barnes & Noble very close to UNF apartments. Ever since Borders sadly went out of business, Barnes & Noble has been the most popular source for new books. You may pay a little bit more for new copies of books, but the chain bookstore almost always has printable coupons available for people who join their annual membership. You may want to think ahead and sign up for this membership so you can stock up on coupons before your move! It will be much easier to purchase books once you get to your new place – no one wants to haul boxes and boxes of heavy books up and down the stairs! Stop by a nearby Walmart and purchase a new bookshelf for one of your apartments near UNF so you'll have plenty of space for your new books.

The University of North Florida, however, also has its own library on campus. If you'd rather rent books than purchase them, this is a great resource for any book lover. This University of North Florida library offers access to unique collections of text, such as rare, valuable, and unusual documents that would be interesting for research purposes or recreational use. Examples include the Archives collections (newspapers, reports, photos), Rare Materials collections (books on special subjects, older prints, limited editions), and Personal Papers collections. Any true book lover would be thrilled to have access to such a treasure trove of texts!

If you would still like to own a collection of books but don't want to pay full price, you can always check out local bookstores, like Black Sheep Books on Old St. Augustine Road. Not only does this bookstore offer used books at affordable prices, it also has out of print texts and hard to find books for serious literature collectors! The store boasts a large and unique collection of history books as well, particularly military history, so this place is great for those looking to brush up on historical knowledge and military strategy. Purchasing books from your local store is a great way to support your new community and boost local businesses. It is also a fun way to furnish your new apartment!

We'll let you get back to your book now, but we hope this helped you decide if UNF apartments are the right choice for you. With several options for new books, used and rare books, and rented books, you will run out of minutes in the day to read them all!

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