Is the beach close to Jacksonville?

Are you looking for Jacksonville apartments near the beach? Many residents living in Jacksonville take pride in their abilities to be beach side within just minutes from their home. Jacksonville, however, is quite a large city making hunting for a seaside home quite difficult.

The east coast of Florida is known for their warm sunshine and Atlantic shores. The town's mild climate creates an ideal environment for many to call home. Unbeknownst to most, many Jacksonville apartments are located near the state's favorite beaches.

There are three major beaches in Duval County. The East Coast waters allow visitors to enjoy a variety of activities such as surfing, fishing and kayaking.There are dozens of Jacksonville apartments near the beach.

Jacksonville Beach

To much surprise, this beach is the least crowded amongst the three recreational waters in the city. It is mostly populated by the locals, and is a favorite spot for surfers and fisherman. Although may who prefer to spend their beach days laying under the sun have also called this beach their favorite for the calmer and quiet surroundings.

There are handfuls of surf shops and restaurants near this area. There are also several concerts, festivals and movies under the stars hosted at this spot throughout the year.

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is the most popular beach in Jacksonville despite the fact that it's coast only stretches out at about a mile's length. Jacksonville apartments near this area also enjoy the newly opened Atlantic Beach dog park.

However, do know that parking can be considered a nightmare near this beach. If you are set on living in this area, it may be best to find a Jacksonville apartment within walking distance to the shores.

Neptune Beach

Neptune is located near a smaller and in a quaint-like-town setting. Located in between Atlantic and Jacksonville Beach, this public area is only a half-mile of beach. However, there is lots of entertainment near this little town.  In fact, nearly half of this beach is used for dinning. Similar to the Atlantic area, parking is very limited in this part of town. One may consider either living within walking distance or plan to take a nice walk from your parking area to the beach. Dogs are welcomed on this beach , but must be kept on a leash.

Each of these beautiful beaches is only a 15 minute drive from the center of the city. Thus, when searching for your new home, staying in close proximity to the ocean should not be too much of a challenge. However, depending on which beach you prefer to live near, you may consider moving closer to the shore in hope to avoid chaotic parking issues.  You may want to bear in mind that living in Jacksonville apartments closer to the beach can be quite costly.
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