I just moved to JAX and would like to discover the best beaches near my Jacksonville apartment. What Jacksonville beaches are the best?

In the dead of March, it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel with cold breezes and occasionally gloomy afternoons. Sometimes, it feels like it will never cease. First, don't let a cool little breeze keep you away from the sand and surf. The beaches can be beautiful year-round! While they may not be perfect for swimming, the main perk to living along the coast is that almost every single beach will be amazing, no matter the time of year. However, some outshine others. Here are 3 of the best beaches near your Jacksonville apartment so you can start preparing for those summer days, or better yet, go beachcombing today!  

Neptune Beach: 

Neptune beach is perfect for anyone who is all about serenity, sunsets, and surfing. It is close to the Intracoastal waterway, which reduces all the noise that accompanies the city of Jacksonville. It is lined with ocean view restaurants so you can enjoy your entire day by the beach. There is a large surfing community in this area as well in case surfing is a skill you possess. Most importantly, Neptune Beach has plenty of apartments and housing nearby, making paradise home. 

Jacksonville Beach:  

It would indeed be a crime not to include Jacksonville beach as it is where everyone will head the moment the temperature rises. With a significant tourist attraction to this beach, it can get a little crowded, but you are sure to enjoy your day here. What makes this beach so unique are things like a beach trolley that will take you along the coast to different beach spots and having an extended pier. I'm sure it's not hard to picture eating an ice cream cone as you walk down the pier on a summer day. There is also live music in the Sea Walk Pavilion where you can jam to the sounds of waves and music. 

Ponte Vedra: 

Now, if you're a little scared of the consequences of the Florida sun at the beach, you might want to consider going to Ponte Vedra, where you'll bike or walk through scenic marshes and paths. Another sight that you might not want to ignore when visiting Ponte Vedra is the large sand dunes reaching heights of 30 or more feet. It is also home to the Professional Golfers Association and often a stop for the PGA Tour. Due to the PGA headquarters calling Jacksonville their home, Ponte Vedra has an abundance of quality golf courses. 

Huguenot Memorial Park:  

The beach is no fun without company, whether that be a friend or your pet. Huguenot Memorial Park offers the ability to bring both a friend and a pet. Even more appealing is the fact that you can drive straight onto the sand and park on the beach. Located on Fort George Island, near many downtown Jacksonville apartments, Huguenot Memorial Park is an ideal scene for a stroll that combines history and nature. There are bird trails, and the park is home to the Kingsley Plantation from the 19th century, offering an immersive learning experience of its past. 

While it may not be summertime yet, it is never too late to plan a beach day. Some might even think that you don't have to wait until summer to head to the beach. Nonetheless, the beach list doesn't stop there; the Culture Trip has listed the most beautiful beaches in Jacksonville, linked here

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