I’m interested in unique ideas for bathroom décor in my new apartment. Do you have any tips?

Have you ever had one of those days when you just need to take a long, relaxing bath and spend some time alone? Apartments in Jacksonville have many different options for bathroom layouts, features, and sizes so you'll have the opportunity to create an individualized relaxation zone. You can use our website to search for units with your preferred number of bathrooms, then click on the community's page to view detailed photos of the bathroom setups. Once you have a basic idea of the space available, you can use some of these tips below to transform your new bathroom with affordable but dazzling décor!

Many Jacksonville apartments come with bathtubs! You should think about your favorite color combinations and designs before choosing your new shower curtain. It can be helpful to plan ahead and decide if you want to purchase a bathroom set (mats and shower curtain) or buy these items individually. If you want to buy them individually, one option is to keep the mats one or two colors and buying a curtain with an elaborate design. By keeping one of these items simple, you can avoid clashing patterns and mismatched colors. Apartments in Jacksonville are nearby several retail stores that sell affordable bathroom sets, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond (don't forget your coupon!), Wal-Mart, Ross, and Target. If you are comfortable ordering online, you can always check out Amazon for some great deals as well.

Once you decide on a set of mats and shower curtain, it is easier to coordinate the rest of the bathroom with these items. For residents who love a quaint, antique style, thrift stores and antique shops near apartments in Jackonsville are excellent places for affordable but quality items. For example, you can purchase some beautiful, original paintings that will match your other décor perfectly. Thrift stores in the area include Goodwill, Salvation Army, That Poor Girl Vintage Clothing & Odds, and St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. For antiques, you can check out Avonlea Antique Mall, The Antique Market, and Bayard Antique Village. You're sure to find some wonderful thrifty items to decorate your bathroom just the way you like it! In addition, dried or artificial flowers will really add to the antique touch – you can acquire metal wall vases from Michael's, Joann's, or other craft stores.

Another aspect to consider is your preferred scents and scent dispensers. You can always purchase a refillable scent plug-in that won't require much upkeep on your end. Jacksonville apartments are close to Bath & Body Works as well as the Yankee Candle store, both of which offers a wide range of options for dispensers and scents. If you'd prefer not to plug anything in, you can always use an oil reed diffuser instead. My personal favorite is a warm Jasmine scent in the spring and Vanilla Cupcake in the winter!

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to make the best of your new bathroom. If you're ready to start looking for bathrooms with some great features, use our search function to get started today!

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