How can I avoid Jacksonville traffic while commuting from military housing?

Finding military housing and base housing close to either NAS Jax or the Naval Station Mayport, has never been easier. Many come with great options in floor plans, pricing, and community amenities. You'll be able to find military housing with a short commute to work, however, Jacksonville can have some of the worst traffic and highway congestion. If you're new to the area here are some great tips to avoid getting caught in a snail crawl.

The beauty of I-295

To start off, Florida I-295 completely bypasses the Jacksonville, FL metropolitan area. From north to south and vise versa, I-295 allows you to completely avoid the clamor and congestion that occurs in Downtown Jacksonville. I-295 cuts through suburban areas and always has at least 3 lanes to work with (sometimes expanding to 5 and 6 lanes). This is the alternate route to taking I-95 and allows commuters to avoid Downtown Jacksonville traffic. Also try to avoid SR-8, I-10, as it brings in a lot of traffic from the west and is the main highway from Jacksonville to Pensacola. When living in military housing it will be important to you to keep your travel time at a minimum so after a long day at work you can easily get home to enjoy time with the family. With this being said, try and avoid using I-95 and Butler Blvd during peak traffic hours.

Suburban Life and Other Traffic Tips

The Jacksonville Naval Air Station is located right off I-295 while I-295 provides a quick commute to Mayport. Since I-295 passes through many suburbs, finding base housing will be easy and convenient. Many of these areas have great schools and communities, while also providing great amenities. Make sure when going to work or coming home from work that you allow for worker, commuter traffic. Many people stick to I-95 and Butler Blvd so avoiding this traffic is not difficult. 9A and Phillips Highway (US 1) are also great ways to avoid interstate traffic or move quickly through Jacksonville. Living in military housing may seem out of the way of great restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options, but it's quite the opposite. There are great communities in San Marco, San Jose, Ortega, and Avondale. These communities bolster the rich history of Jacksonville, and provide great food, shopping, and events. Don't forget that Jacksonville has great sporting venues that host the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jacksonville Suns, and Jacksonville Sharks. Parking in Jacksonville can be tricky, but many parking garages are available with CSX Transportation nearby, which is the public transportation in Jacksonville. If you are planning on finding military housing near Mayport, you should familiarize yourself with Heckscher Drive off of I-295, and A1A, which takes you along the Atlantic Coast. These roads will allow you to avoid much of the traffic that surrounds Jacksonville, and shorter commutes from military housing to the base.

Life in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a big city and very spread out. Don't get overwhelmed and follow this guide so you can avoid any confusion or unneeded stress. Jacksonville has so much to offer and is minutes from some beautiful beaches. The local communities are full of nice people, and promote great lifestyles. Living in military housing will be great, and finding your next military home has never been simpler. Welcome to Jacksonville!

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