I am a liberal arts student. What is the art scene like near UNF?

If you are looking for an apartment near UNF and the arts is a key point in your apartment search then we have a long list of future homes for you. The cultural scene near UNF is rapidly growing, with popular "Off the Grid" galleries in Downtown and the surrounding arts community. Multicultural areas in Jacksonville that feature world-class festivals, symphonic events, Broadway productions, hip art galleries, and renowned museums hosting contemporary pieces that are sure to be enlighten both refined and rudimentary pallets. Many apartments in the area are smack dab in the center of Jacksonville's cultural scene.

Jacksonville is home to two well regarded museums. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville holds one of the largest collections of modern and contemporary art in the Southeast, featuring 800 works of art both permanent and rotating. The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is adjacent from the river from Downtown Jacksonville and houses over 5,000 works of art that are both native to the states and international. If you are a liberal arts student at UNF, visiting either of these renowned museums becomes an opportunity to build your knowledge and serve as a muse.

Part of the college experience at UNF includes the opportunity to enjoy the rich diversity both on and off of campus. The Ritz Theatre and Museum celebrates a rich legacy of the African-American community in Jacksonville. Located in the LaVilla neighborhood or the "Harlem of the South" as it was previously named; this theatre/ museum features traveling plays from notable companies and collections reflecting upon the city's African-American heritage.

Because of several large bodies of water that plays such an important role in the city, it is only fitting that there is a museum dedicated to preserving its rich nautical history. The Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center located at The Jacksonville Landing is a museum offers a unique look into naval artifacts, manuscripts and ship models.

As a student at UNF you'll have many opportunities to experience the arts and robust cultural scene in Jacksonville. There is no shortage of galleries to feed your visual appetites. Now comes the daunting task of finding the apartment you will call home. Here on Rent Jax you will find a plethora of apartments in the most desirable neighborhoods. Future residents should look further into communities that they are particularly interested in to make sure that particular community fits their lifestyle . Our neighborhood guide can walk you through what to expect in which communities, which is a unique feature of our site.

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