New Years is approaching, and I want to do a major apartment update to signify the new year. Any tips on how to transform my University of North Florida apartment?

Queue Sharpie's line from High School Musical 2: "It's out with the old and in with the new..." There's nothing more satisfying as an interior-decor upgrade. Whether it's a seasonal change from summer colors or fall hues or a major life change, like moving out of your childhood home into your first apartment, an individual's living spaces are a direct reflection of the individual. With that being said, I cannot stress it enough that putting effort into your UNF apartment is everything. Here are my top four tips for revamping your space. 


First and foremost, picking a cohesive theme for your pad is the first step to interior-design success. I can guarantee that most apartments near the University of North Florida showcase a mix between a frat house and a liquor store. To each their own, but whatever your style is, define it, create it and own it. Even if your UNF apartment is furnished, you can still incorporate bits and pieces that fit your theme to make it your own. Whatever you do, just keep in mind that a collection of beer boxes is NOT to be used as wallpaper.


Think about the first time you ever walked into Hollister. What's the first thing you can remember about this place? It's not the clothes, it's not the lack of lighting, it's the highly memorable, noteworthy smell. Fragrance can transform a space to go from a house to a home. This tip is especially important for those apartments near UNF that are pet-friendly. Trust me, I love my furry friends just as much as the next guy, but I don't love the lingering smell of kitty litter or kibble. Investing in home fragrance in the form of candles, wall plug-ins or room spray will ensure a pleasant, cozy vibe in your apartment.


Another vital aspect of creating cozy quarters is incorporating a variety of textures into your UNF apartment. Pieces like wall art, rugs and self-adhesive wallpaper are a few of the many elements that can add depth to your space. I personally love adding decorative pillows throughout my apartment that are showcase many textures. For example, I have these pink velvet pillows I bought on Amazon (under $20 for two!!) sprinkled over my grey couch in the living room. For my bedroom, I have crochet pillows that bring my bed to the next level of coziness.


This is quite possibly my favorite tip for revamping an interior space. It's a broad category, but it encompasses anything and everything home décor. For example, replacing knobs on a basic dresser from Ikea to unique, decorative knobs like these hand-painted knobs from Amazon. Another piece that falls into the miscellaneous category is light fixtures. Neon signs are a huge trend that can upgrade any space from average to MTV Cribs worthy. You've seen them everywhere, from bars to clubs to coffee shops, so there's no denying how tough it is to fight the temptation of taking a VSCO picture of these cheeky neon signs. Fair warning though, these trendy pieces can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. However, if your UNF apartment is all-inclusive, you can allocate some of the money you've saved on a monthly basis to splurge on a neon sign (or two).   

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