How can I decorate for the holidays in my new Jacksonville apartment?

While some apartments near Jacksonville may come with yards and additional outdoor space, you can always find creative ways to decorate the inside of your apartment for the holidays. You'll have plenty of options for easily removable decorations that will limit any damage and help you create a festive mood for the season. Jacksonville apartments are close to all the most popular stores for holiday décor, such as Joann Fabrics, Michaels, Wal-Mart, Target, and seasonal stores like Spirit of Halloween that will have a local branch in the area during September and October. If you love arts and crafts, you can use your artistic skills to make your own décor and add a personal touch to your new place.

Don't have a yard but still want to share the festivities with your neighbors? Some Jacksonville apartments come with large bay windows that are perfect for removable vinyl decals during the holidays. Add a spooky ghost, a bat, or a witch on a broom to your window during Halloween. You can even place artificial candles along the windowsill to add some eerie backdrop lighting to your window décor. Even if you don't have bay windows, any apartment window will be able to accommodate some type of decal. During the winter holidays, cascading snowflake decals can create a winter wonderland even in Florida! If you plan on having a tree, you can position it next to the windows so that you and your neighbors can enjoy the lights from outside. The reflection from the windows can emphasize the lights inside your unit as well.

One of the best ways to show your holiday spirit in Jacksonville apartments is to add décor to your front door. During the winter holidays, a wreath can create a welcoming entrance for family and friends, especially if you acquire one scented like pine or warm cinnamon spice. You can always make your own wreath just the way you like it! When the season rolls around, Joann Fabrics and similar craft stores often have classes for making your own holiday creations. It can also be fun to experiment on your own and see what you can come up with. You can also decorate your door for holidays like Halloween, the Fourth of July, Valentine's Day, and Thanksgiving with cobwebs, American flags, hearts, and cornucopias. A holiday doormat can also be the icing on the cake! Door decorations can be an excellent conversation starter with neighbors in Jacksonville apartments.

Another great way to get into the holiday mood is to host a get-together in apartments near Jacksonville where you bake all your favorite holiday treats for friends and family. Delicious holiday recipes can leave the apartment smelling sweet and spicy, creating the perfect environment for the season. It is also a great opportunity to showcase all your fantastic holiday décor. To find the best apartments near Jacksonville, use our website to find the perfect place for you today!

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