What are the rules for having a grill on my balcony or patio?

If throwing a steaks and veggies on the grill is one of your favorite ways to cook and relax, you may be wondering what your options are in Jacksonville base housing. Florida weather is perfect for grilling outside with plenty of sunshine and warm air to help you get in the mood for barbecue! Before you make plans for grilling in military housing, you should become familiar with the rules for having a grill on your balcony or patio. In this area, fire code rules and regulations prohibit the use of grills indoors or on covered patios and balconies. While you are unable to use fire or gas grills, you are permitted to cook with an electric grill on your patio. In addition, there are plenty of great locations near military housing for using a fire or gas grill instead of your patio.

Still want to use a fire or gas grill but don't want to pack up the car and drive out to a park? You can find some fantastic military housing options that include a barbecue grill inside the community. Some of these communities also offer picnic areas and covered shelters so you can enjoy a day out with family and friends without having to stray too far from home. The benefit of community barbecue grills is having plenty of room for extra people without worrying about moving anything around in your unit. You also don't have to purchase your own grill and can use the one in your neighborhood. Even though you can't use a fire or grass grill on your patio in base housing, you can still take full advantage of this great amenity by lounging on a comfy chair and curling up with a good book. Your pets may also love to spend some time outside on a screened patio. If you need to find pet friendly apartments, there are several good options in Jacksonville.

Even if you move into a community without a grill and don't want to use an electric grill on your patio, you'll still be able to find some great locations for grilling near military housing. Some examples include Arlington Lions Club, Boone Park, Camp Tomahawk, and Huguenot Memorial Park. These are just a few of the parks in the area – chances are you'll be able to find something very close to your new place. A nearby park with grills and shelters is the ideal place for holding birthday parties, work-related events, and entertaining family or friends that come to visit. Make sure to call the parks ahead of time to see if reservations are required or available if you're planning a special event. You don't want to arrive and find that the shelters are all taken up! You can even head to the beach and grill there instead – the city of Jacksonville has some useful information online about beach rules and regulations.

With all these options for grilling, you should be cooking up your favorites meats and veggies in no time after you move to military housing. Our website will help you find exactly what you're looking for!

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