I have always wanted to have an aquarium. Do you have some tips for keeping fish in my new apartment?

Cats and dogs make excellent pets for apartments in Jacksonville, but creating and maintaining your own beautiful aquarium can be a rewarding experience. Since there are so many different species of fish and other aquarium-friendly creatures, you'll be able to make a truly unique underwater environment for your new pets. You can find several communities in the area that allow aquariums of varying sizes. When using our search function, click the “pet-policy” button to view refined options and select “aquariums” to view apartments in Jacksonville that allow aquariums. If you have a particular community in mind, you can always visit their page on our website and contact them directly to discuss any size limitations.

The first decision to make when putting together an aquarium in Jacksonville apartments is whether you want a salt or fresh water tank. Some species of fish, like clownfish, blennies, and gobies, can only survive in saltwater tanks. Other tropical fish, like tetras, mollies, and goldfish, are great for fresh water tanks. A quick search online or a visit to the pet store will give you a better idea of the types of fish available for both tank types. Salt water tanks can be a little more challenging to create and maintain, but are often worth the effort if you're willing to add a few extra water tests to your routine. Both tank types have a huge variety of species to choose from, so you won't be too limited with either choice!

Well-kept aquariums can be a perfect backdrop in Jacksonville apartments. Several nearby stores like Petsmart or Petco offer different colors, shapes, and sizes of tanks that go best with your furniture. You can even visit some of the local aquarium shops and request custom work, or you can even find blueprints online to build your own! Just make sure you do plenty of research on aquarium building if you decide to embark on a do-it-yourself project. A plain glass tank from Petsmart can easily be embellished with an ornate table underneath. You can also add colorful wallpaper to the back of your tank to really make it pop. Once you set up the water inside your tank, there are endless possibility for tank décor, substrate, and plants (live or plastic) to keep your fish happy and keep the tank looking great.

Wondering what type of items and upkeep are required when keeping an aquarium in Jacksonville apartments? You'll need to have an aquarium (preferably with a lid), gravel, a filter, a heater, decorations, fish food, and water conditioner. Salt water tanks may require additional materials as well. For easier cleanup, you'll also want to grab a siphon tool to remove any debris inside the gravel. To showcase your hard work, you may want to purchase an aquarium lid with build-in lights that will shine on your colorful fish and décor.

Inside apartments near Jacksonville, you'll be able to create the aquarium of your dreams. To view the layouts of different communities and start brainstorming for your tank placement, check out the community pages on our website today.

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