I will be moving to base housing in Jacksonville. How do I choose the right apartment complex for me?

If you’re getting ready to make the big move to military housing in Jacksonville, you want to make sure you pick the apartment complex that works best for your needs. The apartment itself is a key component, but you want to be happy with your surroundings and amenities as well. Do you love to exercise or play a particular sport? Do you have a dog that loves to go on walks? Perhaps you are an avid swimmer or tanner and need access to a nearby pool. These are all important things to consider when choosing an apartment complex in Jacksonville.

For those of us who exercise daily or love certain sports, like tennis or basketball, it may be a good idea to choose base housing in Jacksonville with a fully equipped gym, tennis court, and/or basketball court. Although there are several gyms and sports facilities in the area, the convenience of having these amenities right next door may be worth it! When you make your apartment visits, make sure to ask for a tour of the gym. Does it have all the equipment you regularly use? What are the gym hours? Does it have television and radio available? These are all good questions to ask before you make a decision. If you’re interested in the sports facilities, ask for a tour of the basketball courts and tennis courts as well. Are they well maintained? Would they be a good fit for what you’re used to? Viewing all these things personally before moving in will help improve your overall satisfaction with your new apartment complex.

If you’re bringing your furry best friend along with you, it is crucial to check out the outdoor facilities and policies regarding dogs and dog walking in the apartment complex. Some military housing in Jacksonville may even offer a small dog park within the apartment complex. If this sounds like a fantastic amenity to you, make sure you check out apartments with these features. It is a good idea to visit the apartment complex and ask for a tour of the dog park as well. You should also make sure there are no restrictions on dog walking inside the apartment complex. You may even want to take your dog on a test route and see if they agree with your choice!

Can’t wait until summer so you can finally enjoy the warm water and sunshine? Choosing an apartment complex with the perfect pool is probably important to you! Base housing in Jacksonville has several different types of pools and pool facilities available, so you should decide what aspects of the pool are important to you. Do you need a nice lounging area with large umbrellas or a shaded gazebo? Do you prefer a longer pool so you can swim laps for exercise? You may also want to check for soda vending machines, a Jacuzzi, and long, comfy chairs for optimum tanning.

Hopefully this list gets you off to a good start when making a choice for base housing in Jacksonville. Make sure you look at other apartment complex amenities that may be important to you, like valet trash, garages, or barbecue areas!

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