I’m a student and want to focus on my studies. Are there any UNF apartments in Jacksonville that are all-inclusive so I have less to worry about?

Being a college student can be stressful enough, let alone, living on your own for the first time, so it's no wonder a lot of UNF students are concerned. You have to focus on school, work, studying, errands, and a social life all at once! With all of that going on, we typically find that students are desperately searching for apartments in Jacksonville that are all-inclusive. With it being all-inclusive, all you have to worry about is paying the rent for your new home and they'll take care of your electric, water, TV, and internet. Basically, all of those necessities to run your household will be included. Hopefully it'll help keep you focused on school and still have that extra time to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Jacksonville offers plenty of apartments that are affordable yet still have everything that you as a UNF student would need. From proximity to campus, washer and dryers, pet-friendly options, and finally all-inclusive options, there are plenty of different Jacksonville apartments from which to choose for your next home. Here's how you get started. Head to our website RentJax.com for UNF Students. Next, click on “Find Your Apartment” to begin using our easy apartment guide. Using RentJax.com for UNF Students and it's plethora of criteria from which to choose, you can customize your apartment search however you please: number of bedrooms, amenities, lease length, and rental rates. Once you click on “Find Your Apartment” go down on the left where it says “Cable and Utilities”. Once you click on that you can specify what utilities you want included in your rent price for your new place. Residents can choose from “Cable TV Included”, “Internet Included”, “Water Included”, “Electric Included”, and “Trash Removal Included” among others. Once you've choosen those specifications in regards to utilities and any other apartment or community amenities you'd want in your UNF apartment, RentJax.com for UNF Students will populate all of the options of the communities in Jacksonville that have what you have requested.

Now, at the end of your research, is where you will take a look at your options that are left: where they are located, what they offer, and how much they cost and choose the one that is the best fit for you. Once you've decided, or you get it down to a select few that remain, call them up, see what specials they have, take a tour, and then pick one. If it helps, sometimes it's beneficial for residents to further investigate their options for their new UNF apartment by going out to the property on their own during the day and at night to see which community is a good fit for their lifestyle. Once you've done all your research, you can now choose and get to enjoying, and hating, one of the best points in your life.


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